180px-Slytherin Quidditch by highway woman

Team Roster

Captain: Geordy Stavins

Co-Captain: Rikuto Jun

Chasers:Rikuto Jun, Elizabeth McLaggan and Edmund Eridanus

Beaters: Geordy Stavins and Alexandria Calla

Keeper: Karis Sturbridge

Seeker: Ellis Reddick


Reserve Beater: Abigail Winston

Reserve Chaser: Dominic Darke

Mascots: Hawt Slytherin Banshee (Alera Summers)

Stealthy Slytherin Sylph (Lumina Brier

Sneaky Slytherin Siren (Kasia Lisette )

Past Captains

  • Kelsey Heap
  • Alaric Ravenor
  • Rachel Morris
  • Elissa Galivare
  • Alera Summers
  • Vanity Villiers

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