Since it was founded, Hogwarts has had four Houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Each of them is run by a Professor who looks after the house and its students.

Current Heads of House

Alera Summers (Gryffindor)

Vanity Sturbridge (Slytherin)

Lumina Brier (Hufflepuff)

Elissa Galivare (Ravenclaw)

Professors who have been HoH


Claire Vindictus

Trey Stuart

Glaedr Pendragon

Arwen Claythorn


Rowan Redwynne

Sebastian Winstra

Tiffany Maddocks

Kelsey Heap

Kara Ous

Tristan Buchanan

Breckin Gilchrist

Simon De la Croix

Keith Summers

Kasia Lisette


Rayleen Obscurus

Callia Cunningham

Markus Lyman Kay

Amyl Ous

Evelyn Delaine

Gwenevere Finnigan

Jia Li Tsai


Adelleda Laval

Celise Del Gard

Silvanus Bevan

Gregory James

Sky Astaire

Lena Deveraux

Heather Winterly

Chase Sturbridge

Elissa Galivare

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